Are there going to be any more Never Girls books?

I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the Never Girls! If you have read all the books on the Never Girls page and are looking for more, check out the Finding Tinker Bell books. In this follow-up series, Kate, Mia, Lainey, and Gabby go on a quest to the mysterious Shadow Island to find their missing… Read more »

Do the books in your series need to be read in order?

Although they are numbered, the books in the Never Girls series can be read in any order. (If you read them out of order, you may find little changes here and there. But you’re smart, you can figure it out.) The books in the Finding Tinker Bell and Horsetail Hollow series, on the other hand,… Read more »

Where do you get your ideas?

Ideas can come from anywhere. I came up with the concept for The Space Between while watching my neighbor’s cat slip through the fence between our yards. The idea for the mist horses in From the Mist came to me while I was watching the fog from the window of my San Francisco apartment. (I… Read more »

How did you start writing children’s books?

My first job after college was with The Jim Henson Company (the Muppets!) in New York City. That was a pretty cool place. The office was in an old four-story townhouse. There were tables with legs carved like Muppet feet and a stained glass skylight depicting the view from Kermit’s lily pad . . …. Read more »

Is Kiki your real name?

Although it’s not the name on my driver’s license, Kiki is what I’ve been called since I was a baby, so it sure feels like a “real” name to me. To hear more about how I got my name, listen here.