Picture Books and Early Readers

How to Grow a Monster

Illustrated by Barbara Bongini

American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture Book of the Year!

Last year, Gabe’s mom grew way too many zucchinis. This year, Gabe and his sister have a secret plan to take control of the garden. They have to stop the zucchini madness! But their plan takes a surprising turn when they discover a MONSTER (zucchini, that is).

Makers Make It Work is a series of fun easy-to-read stories that focus on problem-solving and hands-on action. This story explores the theme of Gardening and includes explanatory sidebars and a gardening-related activity for young makers to try themselves.

Grades K-3

The Lost and Found Weekend

Illustrated by Barbara Bongini

Gia and her dad are off to hike a mountain! But then Gia’s dad loses his keys. And his phone. And his glasses. Gia can fix a lot of things with her sewing kit. Now she just needs to fix her dad!

This Sewing-themed story includes explanatory sidebars and a sewing-related activity.

Grades K-3

The Runaway Chicken

Illustrated by Maine Diaz

There’s a chicken on the loose! Maddy takes it home, but chickens are not good house pets. Can Maddy find—or make!—a better place to keep it?

With the Makers Make It Work series, any kid can be a Maker! This story explores woodworking and includes an activity for young makers to try themselves.

Grades K-3

Kong and Me

Illustrated by Nidhi Chanani

The mighty Kong and his young friend, Jia, have a day of fun and adventure on Skull Island. Together they play, explore, and help each other, proving that no one is too big or too small to find a true friend.

An original story of unique friendship based on the world of Kong from Legendary Entertainment.