Horsetail Hollow

Illustrated by Laura Catrinella

Nine-year-old Maddie longs to have a horse of her own. Her little sister Evie would rather play Princess or read her favorite book of fairy tales. When the sisters move with their parents to a run-down farm called Horsetail Hollow, they are disappointed to discover there are no horses—or fairy-tale princesses—on this farm.

But there is a wishing well. . . .

Magically Maximus

Horsetail Hollow  #1

When a mixed-up wish brings a fairy-tale horse named Maximus to the farm where Maddie and Evie Phillips live, Maddie thinks her dreams have finally come true. Maximus is the perfect horse for her—or is he?

Soon the sisters realize they have to find a way to get Maximus home. Happily-ever-after may depend on it!

Amazingly Angus

Horsetail Hollow #2

Maddie and her little sister, Evie, live on a farm with a magical wishing well. When their mixed-up wish brings a new horse from the pages of Evie’s book of fairy tales, the sisters go galloping off on another magical adventure.

Everyone loves the big Shire horse Angus—except Maddie’s mom. She wants Angus off the farm. Can the sisters get Angus back to his fairy-tale home before he gets sent away for good?

Fearlessly Philippe

Horsetail Hollow #3

Ever since Maddie and Evie moved to Horsetail Hollow, they’ve had one magical adventure after another. A wishing well keeps bringing fairy-tale horses to their family’s farm.

Maddie and Evie want to leave the horses in their fairy-tale worlds—after all, their stories need them! But when Evie’s birthday wish looks like it might not come true, the girls find themselves back at the wishing well. This time, they’re looking for Princess Belle. But it’s Belle’s horse, Philippe, who just might save the day.

Stupendously Samson

Horsetail Hollow #4

Maddie, Evie, and their new friend, Macy, are having a sleepover! But when an unexpected visitor shows up in Horsetail Hollow, they realize the wishing well is at work again. Can they save Sleeping Beauty’s fairy tale before their dream-come-true turns into a nightmare?

Coming March 2023!